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Hey, everyone! i just wanna tell that :iconcuine: is giving a chance to ONE winner to get a free comission of two characters you want, check out her drawings, if you like them then watch her and read her journal. Sorry if i didn't submit any art in more than a year. but mmmmmm soon i will be starting to submit more often. Bye for now
WINNER! Celebration Giveaway for 2400 watchers! So today is Thursday 7, April

Aaaand that means: this’s end!

Good luck to all! Time to make the selection has come!





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EDIT 31/03/2016: how many possibly already know, I have some problems with the internet in my house, that's why I can't connect very often. but in a week (thursday 7, April) I will close and do immediately the election :D

Hello everybody!
I am sooo happy to see this number and would love to it continue to rise!!:love:

So as a than